Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cleavage Etiquette

I've been seeing a few articles about this and it got me thinking. My hubby used to work in an office of mostly women. Often he would come home complaining of how uncomfortable he felt when he had conversations with some of them. With very low cut tops and lots of cleavage showing he just wasn't sure where to look. (!) Oddly enough his office had a dress code about jeans but none about cleavage coverage.

I have at times felt a little uncomfortable myself. Several times in my school we have had subs come in that had a little too much chest showing. I'm thinking that when they go into a 5th or 6th grade classroom the students have to notice. We've had student teachers that have worn very tight, low cut tops. Our principal is a fellow and he is not the kind of guy to address this. (and to be honest, I'm not sure how I would either.)

Yesterday I was on a tour with a small group of people. Over half of the women (and they were all different ages) had major amounts of cleavage showing. Is this the norm? Am I a prude to think that the girls should be a little more covered? Most of the boobs I've seen haven't been all that pretty.

The current issue of Ladies Home Journal has an article about cleavage and how low you can go. They say that showing lots of cleavage at the office sends a message that you aren't serious about your work. I don't know if that's true but showing your boobs might be sending a message you don't necessarily want to send. There are also some tips about how to protect yourself from overexposing yourself. (You wouldn't think looking in the mirror would have to be listed would you?)

post signatureI enjoyed reading the latest blog post on Inspired by Family Magazine . Mari says "the key to feeling attractive is self-confidence-- it’s not wearing clothes that leave very little to the imagination."  Mari also gives some very easy and practical tips on how to check your modesty. She says that the Fashion Industry is going to help us out by providing clothing that covers a little more. The blog gives an example of a clothing line that features modest but stylish clothes called Mikarose.

So what's your opinion? Do you share your wares or are you keeping your girls undercover? Should we be concerned with keeping our cleavage (that hollow between your breasts) covered up?

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