Thursday, August 9, 2012

Healthy, not Hungry

We have an friend who is always looking for the perfect diet. I think she has tried every one! But I think her biggest downfall is that she is still hungry so in the end she tends to binge a little and the weight comes back. Is it possible to cut calories and not feel hungry?

Here are some easy ways to eat healthier and trim the calories:

* Fill your plate with produce. Actually half your plate should be produce. You can pretty much eat as many veggies as you want (well,not potatoes or corn)but the more colorful ones like beans, carrots, broccoli and peppers.

*Eat smaller portions. Most restaurant portions are way more than we need to eat at one sitting. I usually take half of my meal home. (great left-overs)Reading nutrition labels will help you figure out portion sizes too.

*Watch the sugar. (my downfall!) I have pretty much given up soda except for the rare occasion when I am out and might have a drink. (malibu and coke with a lime--just one!) Sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks don't fill you up and are loaded with sugar. A study done at John Hopkins University found that people actually lost more weight by eliminating calories from their beverages than their food.

*Start your meal with a salad or soup. However, you can't load your salad up with a high calorie dressing. Also stay away from creamy soups usually made with cream or butter. Eating salad or soup will help fill you up before your main course arrives.

*Eat more protein. This will help you feel full longer. Healthy sources of protein are chicken, tuna, soybeans,legumes and very lean meat. Keep your portion size to about 3 oz.

*Make your own snacks. Easy and cheaper than buying snack packs. Fill up baggies with a trail mix of nuts, dried fruit (look for the sugar content--some are very high) and dark chocolate chips. If you make your own granola you can cut the sugar way back by using honey. Cut-up veggies are always a great snack too.

Healthy eating alone won't shed those pounds but it's a great start. Add in some exercise and you can maintain a healthy body weight.
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