Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paying Blessings Forward

I have never seen the movie Pay It Forward but I know the jist of it. So it was interesting to read the post "Thanks and Giving--Paying Blessings Forward" on the How Does She blog.   Stephanie shows us a chart that her family has used. They listed all of the things they are thankful for. Then they listed ways that they could "pay it forward" especially to the homeless in their town.

Stephanie and her children put together ziplock bags containing essential and fun items. They kept these bags in their car and had them handy to pass out. They always had a gift ready. I love this idea! While we don't have many homeless people on the streets in our town, we do have many at the shelters. This would be a great project for my grandchildren and me to share our blessings.

Do you have other ways that you pay it forward? Does your family do anything special to celebrate the thanks plus the giving?

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