Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cheap Way to Organize Your Cupcake Liners

I love me a cute cupcake which means I have a ton of cute cupcake liners.

I swear they were starting to creep out of my cupboards at night! How to get them organized? I saw somewhere (sorry can't remember where and didn't pin it) that you could use storage containers to store your liners. So I went to my local Shopko store and bought a couple. They work well but they are kind of expensive and I have a LOT of liners.

What to do...then I noticed I had a few empty Ball canning jars that seemed to be the right size.
I grabbed some liners and tried stacking them in the jars. The fit perfectly!! Cheap and I kind of like the "kitcheny" look to them. Now had I saved my receipts for the storage jars I think I would have returned them. As it is I'll just keep them since my liners are feeling at home in them. (You'll notice in the containers I also have some thin colored straws in there. It's fun to cut those in half and use them in decorating my cupcakes.)
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