Friday, May 24, 2013

"C" is for Cookie

I'm going to date myself but my kids used to love singing that (and the line that came after it..."and that's good enough for me")after watching Sesame Street. But really, who doesn't like a cookie? One of the most talented cookie baker/decorators is the owner of Babcakes Bakery.

I fell in love with her cookies and her generosity when she baked cookies and sent them to my elderly parents. I had to order some "baby" cookies to send to my son and daughter-in-law after the birth of their first little one. They actually saved a couple for Jerry and me when we came to visit a couple weeks later. The cookies were still so delicious!

I follow her blog and enjoy seeing pictures of all her creations. Recently I read one of her posts about sending cookies to our troops in Afghanistan--Operation Cookie Takeover. Being the generous gal she is, Babcakes baked and decorated cookies to send over.

If you're ever in need of an unique gift her cookies would be the perfect thing! Here are just a few of her works of art. (almost too cute to eat!)

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