Sunday, April 27, 2014


I saw this on the Key Lime blog and thought it was fun; a list of observations of the current moment. Right here, right now.


READING She Walks In Beauty A Woman's Journey Through POEMS by Caroline Kennedy
WISHING  for a Lightroom Tutor
ENJOYING being able to run pain-free again
WONDERING when my daffodils will open
LOVING the longer days and hours of sunlight
NEEDING to cut back on my sugar intake
WEARING sweaters again since it's so cold and rainy
FOLLOWING a new blog  A Holy Experience
NOTICING I need a haircut and color
THINKING about making this cake
FEELING blessed
MAKING a no-sew tutu for my baby granddaughter
LOOKING FORWARD TO planting my garden
HOPING the sun shines tomorrow
LIKING Kraft's Mayo with Olive Oil

What would be on your "I AM" list?

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