Thursday, October 22, 2015

Face Washing Mistakes

Simple solutions to five common problems.

Leading dermatologists give these tips to uncover the top five face-washing problems and how to fix them. Taken from an article at 

Mistake 1: Not using water.
 Many people just moisten their hands, put cleanser on their fingers, and apply it to dry skin. Water is what cleans skin, and the cleanser and soap just enhance its effects. Be sure your face is dripping wet before you start to wash. 

Mistake 2: Scrubbing too aggressively.
 Abrasive cleansing sponges or puffs can irritate your skin as well as cause broken blood vessels. This is also true for facial scrubs made from nutshells, pits from fruits like apricots, or other irregularly shaped particles. These should be used twice a week at most (or not at all if you have dry skin or rosacea). The best way to buff is to put a gentle exfoliant on a cotton pad or your fingers, and massage it into your skin.

 Mistake 3: Rinsing too fast.
 If you don't rinse well, you may leave irritants on the skin. Splash your face several to ensure a clean finish. 

Mistake 4: Treating your face the way you'd treat your body.
 Don’t use a drying deodorant body bar or a liquid hand soap on your face. These soaps contain detergents and chemicals that strip oils, and aren't meant for delicate facial skin. 

Mistake 5: Spending too much time washing up.
 Cleansing more than twice a day and for more than 2 minutes at a time is not recommended. Too-frequent washing can dry and irritate your skin or stimulate oil production, which can result in clogged pores and breakouts. Even if you hit the gym at midday, just rinse your skin with water, and save your cleanser for morning and night.

When you think about it, your face is often what helps people form first impressions about you. Shouldn't you do your best to give your face some extra TLC?

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