Sunday, April 17, 2016

10 Tips For Spring and Bare Feet

Here are some tips on 
"How To Get Fabulous Feet".  

1. Soak your feet for about ten minutes. 

2. Pat feet dry. 

3. Clip toenails straight across or file with an emery board (but wait until toenails are completely dry). 

4. Using a pumice stone, remove any rough areas. 

5. Massage cuticle area with a little oil or moisturizer.

 6. Gently push back cuticles. 

7. Apply foot cream/lotion and massage into each foot. 

8. Remove any excess lotion. 

9. If you wish to apply polish put a small amount of polish on your brush; paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Stroke the sides of the nail and you are done. 

 10. Wait until polish is set and then apply the top coat. Don't skip this step as it not only adds life to your pedicure, it will protect your nails as well. post signature

Now to put on some cute flip flops or sandals and you're ready to go!!
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