Thursday, April 21, 2016

Be A "Green" Goddess

Earth Day is almost upon us. Time to think "green". (If we aren't already.)  If we all make one small change it would have a tremendous impact on our planet! 

Here are some ideas for you. Take one and make a difference!! 

Turn off your lights. 

Spend more time outdoors. It will remind you of what's at stake. 

Pass on the paper towels at home--use cloth instead. Think of the trees you're saving. 

Find new uses for old things. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Even my second graders get this. 

Use cloth bags instead of paper to carry your groceries. My local store just started offering some pretty cool ones. 

Unplug charging devices when you're not using them. 

Start gardening. (I love it!) You'll raise nutritional food and cut down on petroleum-based fertilizers and cross-country distribution use of fuel. 

Walk (or bike) instead of drive whenever you can. Also car-pool.

Clean your fridge coils for better productivity.

Wash clothes in cold water. 

Buy things that will last. 

BYOB of water. 

 Get the picture? I could list so many more but I think I've given you enough to get started. Try making "green" your favorite color!post signature
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