Friday, July 8, 2016

10 Safety Tips for Runners

 I am a runner. I try to run in the mornings when it is still cool and there is less traffic. However last week when I was running I had an unpleasant experience which could have become more than just unpleasant.
     I was running about 7:00 on what is usually a busy road. This morning it wasn't. I was on my way back home and just enjoying the morning. Then a man in a red car started driving along side of me speaking in what I think was Spanish. I immediately started running up to a house and he drove past. He did turn around but left when he saw I had gone up to the house. I didn't ring their bell but high-tailed it out of there.
    So this got me thinking how can runners be safe? Here are some tips I found:

* Know the area where you are running and make sure someone knows where you are going. I use the Road ID App. I start it when I set out and it sends a text to my husband. He can track my route if he wants. The Road ID App will alert him if I stop for more than 5 minutes.

*Run opposite the traffic. This helps you not be caught unaware if a car comes up behind you. It also lets you see the traffic ahead of you.

*Run defensively. Don't assume all cars will stop for you. Many aren't paying attention or are just plain not courteous. I can't tell you the number of times that a car wouldn't stop for me when crossing an intersection.

*Bring an ID. I wear a ID bracelet I got from Road ID. It has my name, two contact numbers and can list any allergies or special info.

*Bring your cell phone. Had that fellow bothered me any more I could have called 911. If you would get hurt or just couldn't finish a run, you'd be able to call for help.

*Change it up.  Don't run the same route or at the same time. Don't be predictable. I run a different route every day. 

*Listen around you. I don't run with music anymore because I had my earbuds in and didn't notice a car coming up behind me as I was crossing a busy road. If you run with music, turn the volume down or use just one earpiece. Best advice though--don't run with music.

*Run with a dog or other people if possible.

*Run a safe route. Choose well-traveled and well-lit roads. Stay out of woods or dark areas.

*Bring pepper spray. I'm not sure about this one. I used to run with it but it can be used against you too.

     I hope these tips will help keep you safe if you are a runner. Can you think of any other safety tips?
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