Friday, July 1, 2016



     Has your summer kicked into full gear yet? We are right in the thick of things having fun! I don't want it to go by too fast so here are some tips for us to savor those gorgeous sunny days.

01. devour your days. plan your last weeks of summer ahead of time and schedule in outings to the lake, afternoons at the park, grilled kabobs in the backyard or drive-in movies for the weekend. create lots of little activities to look forward to. remember, take advantage of the warm weather. it won't last forever!

02. open a good book, one that doesn't feel like reading homework. i love remembering summers by which books were read that year.

03. crack the windows at night, listen to crickets and count your blessings before falling asleep.

04. sip fun summer drinks from an icy glass with a bendy straw. daydream or doodle in a notebook for an hour or so. enjoy the little moments that remind you of summers past.

05. wake up early and go walking, running, hiking or biking. get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

06. surprise someone special by sending them an ice cream party in the mail.

07. grab a sno-cone, paint your toenails, read a magazine and sit on the back patio in the sunshine.

08. fix up a picnic for the park and invite some friends. don't forget some bread for feeding the ducks!

09. write down what summer 2016 taught you; even if you don't regularly keep a journal. write down what you did, where you went, and the people you spent it with. write down all the details you can, you'll be glad you did.

10. as the summer comes to a close, make time to set new goals for the autumn. take the traditional shopping trip for school supplies, even if it's just for your own use at home! (a new set of stationery or cool pens always makes a desktop more delightful.)
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