Thursday, October 13, 2016

The date my new granddaughter is expected!

     I was reading in an old Better Homes and Garden magazine about a woman who counted up all the days she celebrated in a year and came up with 65! So I thought I would count up all the days that I (we) celebrate. I came up with about 23. I'm thinking she must be celebrating a whole lot of smaller things.

     What's wrong with that? We should be celebrating more often I think. I could be celebrating the first day of summer, the first day that I see a tulip or daffodil in the spring, the anniversary of my first date with Jerry (I do remember it!) and other dates that aren't on a calendar but do deserve to be recognized. I'll add to that list the school break days that we get to spend with the grandkids.
     In our busy schedules we don't often make time to focus on the really important things in our lives. So here's a challenge for you. Make time for everyday special days. Even the most laid-back occasions can bring family and friends closer together. What surprising occasions do you celebrate?post signature
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