Monday, October 10, 2016

What Beautiful Eyes You Have

     Have you ever been told how nice you looked, how well you did a task or had someone give you a compliment and you brushed it off? I know I have. I've brushed it off with a glib comment or made some excuse. It seems hard to acknowledge that they might be right.
     Why is that? Shouldn't we be proud of what we do or how we look? I think we need to learn how to accept compliments graciously and to believe them! I try to be sincere when I compliment someone and hope they can tell.               
     We can learn a lesson from little children. When I compliment my little granddaughter she will sometimes say, "I know that,grandma." She not only accepts my compliment but she truly believes it herself! 
     I am going to try to be more gracious when someone gives me a compliment. I'm not going to try to belittle it by downplaying it. If someone is kind enough to let me know, than I can be kind enough to accept it. When was the last time you really accepted a compliment?post signature
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