Friday, December 9, 2016

Thought For The Week

     At this time of the year we all rush around to get our last minute holiday season shopping done, and our levels of irritation seem to increase proportionately with the amount of things that we need to get done.
     Since our lives and needs are important to us, we tend to think that they are far more important than those of others and we forget that others have needs too.
     So when you join the hustle and bustle of this festive season, take a deep breath and count to ten every time you are about to lose your cool, and keep in mind that the person next to you is also looking for that perfect gift, making their money stretch, getting everything done, and would also rather be at home having a quiet and relaxing afternoon or evening.
     On a different note - if you are undertaking any air travel at this time of the year, also remember to drink lots of fluid, and stay off any alcoholic beverages when flying, as it will act as a diuretic and you will lose even more fluid. The cabin air in pressurized aircrafts is very drying, since it contains very little moisture - so also add a good moisturizing cream or lotion when flying.

     Try to enjoy these days before Christmas!
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