Friday, March 3, 2017

A Treat for Marshmallow Day

    In Japan, Korea and Taiwan, the February 14 Valentine's Day holiday is closely followed by White Day, celebrated on March 14. On Valentine's Day, the custom is for women to give gifts of chocolate to men, and not just to sweethearts, but co-workers as well! The chocolate gifts are known as giri-choco (giri = obligation; choco = chocolate). In order to level the playing field, a savvy marshmallow manufacturer conceived of Marshmallow Day in 1965, calling for a gesture of thanks by the men.
     His idea bloomed and on March 14, men who receive chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give sweet gifts -- usually with marshmallow -- to women. The holiday is often called White Day, as well, and gifts now include marshmallow, candy, chocolate, and lingerie. 
     Well here in the USA both men and women give and receive valentines including chocolates. It would be kind of fun to give your valentine a marshmallow treat as a little “thank you for thinking of me” on March 14.  You could give a little cultural lesson too.  (Jerry loves Peeps so I could give him a marshmallow gift of those!)

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