Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Post on Hair Color!

Ok, I don't want to overdo it but I read an interesting article on hair color. It seems that a salon color brand from Frederick Fekkai (used in salons to color your hair) is going to be sold in department stores,Sephora and the internet. It is going to cost $30 as compared to my L'Oreal for about $7 at Walmart.

Would you pay that to color your own hair? This is not even an easy-to-use, shampoo in color--because that's not how they do it in classy salons. I personally see no benefit in using their product. In test ads, not much is said about how this product is worth it's money. I think they are hoping women who are used to going to a salon to get their hair colored will feel they are saving some money and will try this at home.

Let's see your vote: Yes, I'd try this product at home. No, I will stick to my current method of hair coloring....

On another note: There are new nail art pens from Sally Hansen. I have a set of nail art pens that I bought a few years ago at the MN State Fair. They've been easy and fun to work with. I see that the Sally Hansen pens wipe off instantly if you make a mistake. I'd like that. The pens are $7.95 each and come in 8 colors. They have white which would be good for French Manicures. For more info go to:

After you're done with your nails try Gathered From The Garden's Goat Milk Honey Lotion. Your hands will think they've died and gone to heaven!
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