Tuesday, August 18, 2009

French Skin Care

Last year at this time, my husband and I were in Paris! After seeing the movie Julie and Julia (which takes place partly in Paris) many, many memories came back. Here is what I remember about French women and their skin.

Compared to the average American woman, the French view investing in their appearance as an absolute necessity, not an optional luxury. They're more inclined to pamper themselves. Their biggest focus is on developing a beautiful, glowing complexion. French women take pride in their skin, whether that means getting regular facials or buying the best moisturizer their budget allows. (I think this in part to combat the effects of their smoking.) They use sunscreen religiously.

Fighting cellulite is a big deal for French women—much more so than for Americans. Any Parisian drugstore is stocked with various creams, lotions and other products meant to minimize cellulite. The French are known for preferring a natural face over a "done" one. While French women do wear makeup, they do so in a way that isn't necessarily obvious. So while you might start with foundation (to give a flawless-skin finish), you'd go easy on the blush, dab on some mascara and a light lip gloss. We rarely saw eyeliner/shadow at all in Paris. At night, they might favor a little bolder look but still less is more.

The French in major cities (Paris, Nice, etc) tend to be much thinner than their American counterparts in major US cities because they walk everywhere. We felt like we had walked miles and miles each day. Using the metro requires many staircases and lots of walking to get to your train! The French utilize portion control, and don't snack. We never went hungry at any cafĂ© or restaurant we ate at but we didn’t need a doggie bag when we left either. We never saw a sign to “super-size” anything!

So-- to look as fabulous as some of the French women we saw, we recommend using Gathered From The Garden's Facial Moisturizer, Toner and Clay/Dead Sea Masks to give your skin a beautiful, glowing complexion. Don’t smoke, use sunscreen, go easy on the make-up and snacks. Add some extra steps to your daily rountine. (http://www.gatheredfromthegardenllc.4t.com/)

And be sure to go see Julie and Julia!!
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