Friday, September 11, 2009

Are You Making Yourself Old?

Here are some instant agers and tips to look younger:

1. Wearing heavy foundation makes wrinkles stand out. Since older skin dries out faster, use a brush and loose powder for foundation. Stay away from anything called “matte”.

2. Clumpy mascara creates a dated look. Try this method: curl lashes, then starting at the base of your lashes, rock the mascara wand horizontally back and forth and roll it out to the tip of each lash. Avoid waterproof mascara since you'll have to rub hard to get it off, which can stress your delicate/aging skin.

3. Blush high on the cheekbones is very dated. For a younger look, put your blush just on the apples of your cheeks.

4. Light-washed jeans. The darker the color, the more flattering the look. Go for a mid-rise waist and boot-cut legs.

5. Anything Boxy or Tight works against your figure. Choose what fits your curves. Ignore size numbers.

6. Trim your eyebrows. Splurge and let a pro do it the first time or two until you learn the tricks. If your eyebrows are the wrong shape, they can actually make you look older and even sadder. You should never wax your brows since that pulls on the skin and will make you look older.

7. Use a light-colored eye shadow to open up your eyes and make them look bigger--but avoid anything shiny because it's artificial looking.

8. If you regularly get only a few hours of sleep at night, it will hinder metabolism and hormone production in a way that is similar to the effects of aging,

9. Flaunt your figure. Once you hit 40, don't be too covered up. Show your clavicles or some cleavage, but make sure to wear a well-fitting bra for support. If you're letting a little show on top, wear a longer skirt or slacks. You don't want to look trashy. (Trousers that are slightly too big make you look much skinnier than trousers that are a bit too tight.)

10. Touch Your Feet. Reflexology, or stimulating the pressure points on your feet, reduces stress. If you're relaxed, you look younger. To relieve stress instantly, press your thumb into your solar plexus point, located just below the ball of your foot. Hold for one minute and repeat on your other foot.

I’m going to give all of these a try but I’m not sure of my comfort level for #6 or 9! I’ve given away my light-colored jeans and I’ve done reflexology in the past so I know it does work. I’ve had trouble with “clumpy” mascara so I’m anxious to give #2 a go. Which of these will you try?
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