Friday, September 4, 2009

How Do You Store Your Earrings?

A funny thing happened. I went to the Kashi cereal website ( to sign up for a free sample and instead found a great thread about how to store your earrings. This was meant for me--mine are sort of organized (well,not really) so I could use some help!

On the site is a "challenge" page. Challenges are small steps you can take toward living a more natural, healthy life it says and the challenge for the day was how to keep your earrings detangled.

The site said,"You can give your ear jewelry a new lease on life by hanging each pair separately—without buying anything new. Hanging will also prevent metals from tarnishing. Today, challenge yourself to clear off a shelf inside your medicine cabinet and tape a piece of strong nylon dental floss across it. Voila! Instant, free earring holder that takes up no additional space."

Other people had great comments about what works for them. One person uses a pill
sorter found in pharmacies. Each “day” is the perfect size to keep 1 pair of earrings. Another person used plastic ice cube trays for earring and necklace storage because they are inexpensive, come in different colors & cube sizes and they stack. Still another person said they hung an unused chain link necklace from a hook on the wall next to their vanity. Each link holds a pair perfectly!

How do you store your earrings? My little granddaughter is going to get her ears pierced for her birthday next weekend. I'm sure she'll have lots of little earrings to store. I'd love to have a great idea to share with her. (I'm not sure the ice cube trays would work for a 6 year old.)

By the way, I never did find where to sign up for their cereal sample but if you sign up for their newsletter you can print some coupons.
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