Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skin Care For Everyone!

My granddaughter got her first American Girl Doll today. We drove over an hour to get to the Mall of America's store. Inside the store it was packed with little girls and big girls oohing and ahhing over the dolls and accessories. I hadn't been in there before so I was in for a big surprise. The biggest being the price tag on the dolls and accessories(and boy are there accessories)! The dolls are almost $100 a piece and the outfits and other fun stuff you can purchase are all very spendy. Once you buy your doll you can bring her back to get her ears pierced or her hair styled, all for a price of course. There is a cute little Bistro where you can get a bit to eat and your doll gets served food too.

Being in the bath and body product business I noticed what else you can buy for your doll. A skin care kit! Yes, even your doll needs facial products to keep her looking her best!

All this is said with tongue-in-cheek. When my own children were young they wanted Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls. I'm just jealous that someone else came up with the American Girl Doll idea. They are raking in the cash while making little girls happy.

Do your daughters have American Girl Dolls? Do you? (If I had one, I'd pick Ivy or Kit.)
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milk and cookeez said...

Hi Carol :)
My daughter has 4 or 5, I cant remember, dolls. She LOVES them. the price is crazy, but, the accessories are what does it for me. I just love the "things" that you can get for these dolls. The little foods and desks and trundle beds-I love it all, although I never get to play with it :)
It's a really great product-both in queality and morally. The books are great and the ideals that they have are so nice in a day where legos cost and arm and a leg for plastic blocks. Im jealous that you are an hour away-we were in Minnesota 2 years ago and it wasnt opened yet. We are closer to Chicago now, but its still 6 hours away. Thanks for sharing your story. Tammy

Carol said...

Actually, I love the dolls too. I have fun looking at each of them in the store. I've narrowed my favorite down to 3 or 4 of them...:)


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