Sunday, November 1, 2009

Steps to Minimize the Risk of H1N1

We’ve all been hearing so much about the H1N1 flu. Maybe you saw Dr.Oz on Oprah telling us to take Vitamin D. Other advice is to take a probiotic each day, get plenty of rest, eat healthy, cover your cough and keep your hands clean. Here at Gathered we are working on all-natural products to help fight the flu virus.

Being a certified aromatherapist I am always looking for good information about health. On Aroma Web's site they have some excellent advice about minimizing the risk of H1N1 using essential oils. They also have some really good general advice that anyone can use. To read article go to:

Knock on wood--I have not been sick yet. I think it's a combo of extra Vitamin D, keeping my hands washed,getting enough sleep and using Gathered's Sanitizer Spray in my classroom. I really have to work on cutting back on my sugar intake. Easier said then done, looking at left-over Halloween candy!

What have you been doing to minimize the risk of the flu?
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