Monday, November 2, 2009

A "Skinny" Sangria Recipe

My new goal is to cut down on my sugar consumption. (Of course I waited until Halloween was over...) I've just been reading too much about how hard sugar is on your body. As I was checking on some of my favorite sites I came across this recipe.

By Bethenny Frankel
From Health magazine (
Make yourself a lighter red sangria by ditching the sugar and replacing some of the wine and high-calorie liqueur with sugar-free soda.

Just slice up 4 apples and 3 oranges. Combine fruit with 1 pound red grapes, halved; 3 bottles light- to medium-bodied red wine; 1 can Fresca (or any diet lemon soda); and 1 can club soda. Chill mixture, and serve over ice for 16 servings of scrumptiousness.

Here’s the best part: Each serving has only 173 calories—that’s 125 calories saved.
So I can do some entertaining and watch my sugar intake. I'm still trying to figure out how to use agave nectar instead of sugar in my baking/cooking. Has anyone tried it?
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