Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cards for Cancer

On or around April 10, 2010 Spirit Jump and Teams around the world will be delivering cards to local cancer centers. They are doing this to help put smiles on the faces of the thousands of men, women and children battling cancer.

In a day and age where money is tight and free time is hard to come by being charitable can be difficult. That’s why Spirit Jump has been working tirelessly to find effective and important ways for people to give back. If you can make a card then you can make a difference.

I am going to have my second graders make cards. I have a friend that works at the local cancer clinic and she is going to deliver them to the patients there. I think this is a wonderful (and free) way to help others. I'm hoping to instill in my second graders the idea that we need to be of service to others.

If you'd like to join this effort go to You don't need to have a classroom to help--even one card will make a difference!
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