Monday, March 22, 2010

Pamper Your Feet!

Springtime is here and most of us will be getting out running/walking and trying out our new sandals. But oh there is nothing worse than feet that hurt! So I've found some comforting solutions to achy feet.

Strappy Straps (
These help prevent straps from cutting into your feet. Thin strips add comfort to your favorite shoes and sling backs and are a perfect fit on all your thin shoe straps.

Tip Toes ( These will stop your feet from sliding forward. Hate that ugly overhang & toe scrunch? Step in style with these flower-shaped ball-of-foot cushions and go from working all day to dancing the night away!

Spenco Run/Walk Insoles
For walking, running and jogging. Special “heel strike" cushioning delivers optimum shock absorption for repetitive rear foot impact. Use these for extra cushioning in your shoes. You can trim the toe area to fit your shoe. These insoles help absorb shock, reduce friction and improve overall foot comfort. I wouldn't recommend this model for support, just soft cushioning.

Clouds (
These are awesome portable ballet flats that fold and fit in a small pouch. You can carry this pouch in your purse and have easy access to a comfortable and stylish solution when your feet hurt from wearing high heels.

FOOTGLIDE® Foot Formula balm guards feet from rubbing by shoes, sandals, boots, heels, and footwear that cause hot spots and chafing. It helps prevent and relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin, helps feet feel moisturized.

(What do you think of those new gladiator sandals?)
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1 comment:

Vee said...

Stopping by from SITS - cute blog!

And sign me up for anything that lets me wear heels longer! LOVE EM!


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