Sunday, April 11, 2010

The First 10 Things

Well, here are the first 10 things to go. I had a wall grouping of "USA" themed things up for (yes I admit it) about 12 years. Yikes, does my house need a little updating? Anyway, I'm thinking my friend Barb might like this. She has a son that just got back from Iraq and another son that just went over there. I hope she can use it somehow.
Now on to the next 10...

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Linda said...

Wow you are brave. I guess I am a bit of a pack rat. So cool that you thought of your friend. Great idea!

Carol said...

I am more than just a "bit of a pack rat"...I'm the real thing. So this is really a good exercise for me. It's also putting a smile on hubby's face!


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