Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

( The Happy Couple)
Have you ever had a weekend that you just wanted to freeze frame so you wouldn't forget a single moment? This past weekend is one that I'll remember for a long, long time!

It started with my son, his fiance and her mother flying in from Florida for the weekend. We wanted to have a bridal shower for Angela so she came with her mother for this event. Jerry did some bar-b-queing for us on Thurs. night. Good food, good wine and good conversation.

Friday we spent a leisurely morning and then went to see "Date Night" together. It was a fun light-hearted movie with a cute message about being satisfied with the life you've made with your spouse. (good message for the soon to be married Jon and Angela) Friday evening I ran a 5K. With family and friends cheering me on, I came in 1st in my age group. Talk about a surprise! I even got a gold medal.

Saturday we watched my daughter and her husband run a half-marathon. It was a beautiful warm spring day. Then later my daughter Lacie and I headed off to get our rented space ready for the shower. (The rest of the gang headed to the Mall of America. You can't come to MN and not visit the Mall at least once.) Lacie and I had put in lots of hours planning and preparing for the shower. We wanted to make it as special as we could.

It turned out to be a wonderful evening. Angela is a natural story teller. Each of the guests was given a question to ask Angela to help get to know her. For every answer she had a fun story. Guests found out where she and Jon met, where their first date was, how he proposed and other bits of information. Her charming personality won everyone over!

This morning the three of them headed back to the airport and their return trip home. They took lots of gifts back with them and hopefully lots of great memories. I miss them already but I'm really looking forward to their wedding in two weeks.

So often we worry about pampering our bodies and can neglect pampering our souls. This weekend was just about as perfect as it could be and just what my spirit needed! Now next week, a little pampering of the hair and nails before the wedding will be what the body needs. :)

How was your weekend? Hopefully your body, spirit or both got some pampering!

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ElizOF said...

Happy SITS Sunday and Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I know how much we all appreciate the goodwill and I find that I get to visit truly terrific blogs like yours when I make the effort to say hello.
I love your blog concept and effort. Keep it up and let's keep up the support... May all your weekends be perfect!

Dr. Ann Becker said...

What a beautiful picture of Jon and Angela. Congratulations on the 5K. You go girl!


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