Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toss 50 Things

A while back I had read about a program where you agreed to give away something every day for 29 days. I signed up and worked really hard to think of something to give away each day.Then after the 29 days were up I kind of forgot about the giving. Oh it did cross my mind now and then but I hadn’t really gotten into the habit of giving.

Now Springtime is here. It makes me want to get busy cleaning my closets and areas that are neglected most of the year. I work full time so a lot of stuff gets put on piles and then is forgotten. Then I hear about Gail Blanke’s new book Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter,Find Your Life”. In it she suggests throwing out 50 things. Can I do it? Can I give away 50 things--not just one a day, but like lots at a time?

Seems like simple advice. As I’m cleaning I’ll just make a pile of items
that need to go. (not in the trash but to Goodwill, to my sister or to my daughter’s garage sale)
Ah yes, but I’ve tried it before and somehow I find a reason to go through that pile and keep most things. You know..."it’s still good, it has a memory tied to it, I know I’ll use it/wear it again." Gail must know me. So she has written what she calls “Rules of Engagement”.

Rule #1 If the thing is weighing you down, get rid of it.

Rule #2 If the item is not contributing something positive, get rid of it.

Rule #3 If it takes you a long time to decide if it should be tossed, get rid of it.

Rule #4 If you’re afraid to throw it out, get rid of it.

Her book is also divided into four parts. She tells her readers in part one to get rid of unnecessary stuff in your house. In part two, she says clean out your desk or your workspace. Clean up the mental mess in part three. After throwing out 50 things, the last part has you thinking about what you want in life. (Should be room for the new, right?)

So, do you think I can do it? Want to join me in finding things you need to pitch? Maybe we can encourage each other. My goal for this is to rid my home and myself of 50 things by May 1st. Hopefully someone else will also benefit from my throwing out 50 items. Stay tuned...

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Dr. Ann Becker said...

After moving back from Flagstaff, we realized the amount of stuff that we saved. Too much of it had little or no value. Yikes! Why were we dragging it across the country?

Thereafter, we implemented a "simplify your life" rule (read it in an article). After two years, an item not used or worn is discarded.

Sometimes we break the rule for sentimental reasons. But, it is so liberating to get rid of unused stuff. We get better at doing it each year.

Best of luck on your "toss 50 things" initiative. What a great idea!

hip hip gin gin said...

I absolutely think you can do it!!! And you will feel great when you are done. I love getting rid of things, some get donated, what can't be donated thrown out. So many of us live in what I like to call "false abundance". We have so many possessions but we actually use very few of them. Being surrounded only by the things you truly enjoy and use is true abundance, in an odd way you will feel like you have more. Good luck!!
And Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Linda said...

Awesome list. What if my kids and hubby fit all those categories? Just wondering.

Happy SITS Saturday!

Carol said...

I like that term "false abundance".

Carol said...

Oh Linda, I sometimes think my hubby fits that list too. But I think I'll keep him around for awhile yet. :)


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