Friday, May 21, 2010

Melanoma Awareness Month

May is "Melanoma Awareness Month." My mother and my sister-in-law have both dealt with melanoma. Surprising since my mother always wore a hot outside and usually long sleeves. I have really been trying to be more sun smart. There are lots of cute hats out there and the spray-on sunscreen is really easy to use. Spray on tans have come a long way to looking more natural. Plus, sitting in the shade is way cooler!

I read about Spa Finder's Melanoma Awareness Initiative 2010. It's goal is to spread the word on the importance of being sun smart, wearing sunscreen year-round, performing self-examinations, and getting yearly full-body checkups from a dermatologist.

SpaFinder’s “I Will Reflect” melanoma bracelets have been hugely popular in promoting melanoma prevention and serving as a vigilant reminder about sun protection. These photosensitive bracelets change color when exposed to harmful UV rays and can be purchased for $4.95 each. SpaFinder provides financial support for melanoma research and programs to raise awareness of this deadly but preventable disease. You can order the bracelets at

Did you know?
*UV exposure is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is also greatest in the summer,
at higher altitudes, and near the equator.
*Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate light clouds, mist, and fog.
*Fresh snow reflects back about 85% of the sun’s rays; water reflects back about 5%;
and concrete reflects back 10-12% of the sun’s rays. (I always thought water's percentage was higher.)
*Protecting your skin during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of some
types of skin cancer by up to 78%. (That's huge! We can help those little ones stay protected by religiously using sunscreen on them.)

Enjoy the sun but be smart--you can help keep yourself safe from melanoma.

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JoJo said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing some of those UV facts!
Stopping by from SITS :-)


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