Thursday, May 6, 2010

Operation Hi Mom

One of my colleagues at school has two sons in the military. Barb's son Adam returned from a tour of Iraq in Dec. just about the time that his brother Scott was headed back there for his second tour of Iraq. She was very supportive of me when my son Jon was in Iraq so I have tried to return the favor.

I read in Woman's Day magazine about a wonderful project sponsored by So I emailed Scott to tell him about it. Today, Barb was surprised to receive a box containing a picture of her two sons (who happened to have one week's overlap at the same base!) in their military gear printed on a 11 X 13 canvas! It is so awesome! She of course was totally overwhelmed. I'm guessing she is going to find a very special place to display it.

I wish the folks at Canvas on Demand could have seen Barb's face when she first saw the canvas! This is from their website:

Operation Hi Mom awards hundreds of our deployed men and women a free fine art canvas, printed from a favorite photo, which will be presented to their moms on Mother’s Day. Deployed soldiers can simply go to a specially-designed webpage to submit a request, write their mother an endearing message, and upload a photo. It’s a way for soldiers to say to their mom, I love you…and it’s a way for Canvas on Demand to say to our troops, Thanks for a job well-done!

I'd like to say to Canvas on Demand, "Thank you for a job well-done!" You really brightened Barb's day and mine! You helped to restore my faith in the kindness of strangers.

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lauren said...

what a great story! Im sure she appreciated the gift. Happy SITS saturday share fest!


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