Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Would You Like A Little Wine With That...?

Check out these cute products! You can dress up your bottles and drinks with Wine Wear.(www.winewear.com) It’ll catch people’s attention and add to the decor for your parties. You can use them for any event, holiday, occasion or just for fun. There's even one for the bride and groom that would have been fun to have at our wedding last weekend.

They offer:

Wine bottle Wear for gifting wine bottles with personal flare and fun. Customize your wine gifts and stand out from everyone else! Greeting cards on a wine bottle--how clever!

Wine glass Wear looks like so much fun. (I love the flip flops!) Just place the Wine Wear on your glass and peal it off when done.

Wine fashion Wear, their fashionable clothing line for wine bottles are the perfect decorations.

Pamper yourself or someone else with these wine glass/bottle embellishments. Wouldn't these be a fun hostess gift? (Or Father's Day coming up?)

“No sample product(s) or promotional payment has been received in consideration of an endorsement for mentioning products or services in this blog.”

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