Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Trends for Fall

Summer is over (where did it go!) and it's time to look at fall hair trends. The look is color: reds are in, rich browns like mocha and chocolate and sunlight tones that range from light sandy to coppery red.

Many designers for the fall season are showing the look of messy styles or bed hair. Hair as a whole this season has become less traditional and more on the messy side. Messy buns are used to add spice to garments throughout many designer collections. Although hair is messy this season we also see more professional hairstyles such as chignons, pompadour, and sleek ponytails. For the girl who loves to wear her hair down Farrah Fawcett curls as well as center parts are perfect for this fall season. In shorter styles looks for blunt bangs, and mushroom cuts for an edgy feel. Also styles that are older, softer layers (think shag re-do) and short cropped bobs.

Sure you look good coming out of the salon but can you replicate that style? You'll need some tools and products to keep that look. There are new products just for curly hair to bring out the curl and define your curl. A tip to remember, whenever you use a heated styling tool, use a thermal spray to protect your hair. When using a blow dryer, keep it on medium heat. For curls you'll need a diffuser. After styling, leave those curls alone. The more you work your fingers through, the frizzier your curls will get.

If you want to add curls with your curling iron, use a 1" or 1 1/4 " barrel. You'll get fuller, softer curls. (great if you have a texture wave) If you use a smaller curling iron, you'll end up with frizzy hair.

It's also time to recondition your hair after your time in the sun. Putting some moisture back in will give you beautiful,healthy hair during the upcoming cooler months.'s the dilemma. Do I go for one of the really short cropped bobs (sounds like low maintenance) or try to let it grow out so that I could have some curls (I've always been envious of anyone with curls since I'm cursed with stick straight hair!) How about you? Are you going to make any hair changes this fall?
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