Friday, January 13, 2012

Pamper Yourself in the Tub

A soothing soak is pure pleasure. Most of us don't take the time to enjoy this but it is a gentle way to initiate the day or a sumptuous send-off before going to bed. While a steamy bath feels soothing, be sure the water is not too hot, or you'll find yourself feeling tired and depleted afterwards. It's best to start with a warm bath and gradually add hot water as your body adjusts to the heat. When your bathwater starts to cool down, you'll want your environment to be warm and cozy, so maintain a comfortable room temperature that is pleasant for you.

A real treat would be a tub full of bubbles and a relaxing facial mask. Gathered has a great Clay Mask that will soften your skin and remove toxins.

These are some of the things to have on hand for that "Perfect Bath"

 1 cup of Epsom Salts (these help to soak away any muscle aches)
1 cup olive or almond oil (helps to soften the skin)
 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil (swirled in the bath water before you step in or mixed with the olive oil)
A Portable CD Player
CD of your favorite music
A glass of Wine
A Good Novel
Fluffy Bath Towels

At Gathered we have some relaxing Herbal Bath Teas. Let the calming scent of lavender or the sensual scent of rose help to ease the day’s burdens. We have an oatmeal soak or a soda soak. Both come in a muslin bag to steep in the tub. $7.00 each   (You could use these instead of the olive oil but they could also be used with the Epsom Salts.)

Also, for baby we have “Sleepy Time” Baby Bath Teas. An herbal bath tea just for the little ones. Organic lavender, rose petals and chamomile. Not only does it calm baby, but also the one bathing baby!
$5.00 for 5 tea bags.

Here in MN it feels so good to soak in the tub after being outdoors on a cold, winter day! What do you need for your "Perfect Bath"?
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