Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Favorite Teacher

Can you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe you had more than one? I can remember several teachers that made learning fun. I'm sad to say that I never let any of them know it and now they are gone. Regrets.

I remember my kindergarten teacher's name and what she looked like. I don't remember much else except she was the first to give me a compliment on a painting I had done. For a 5 year old who didn't get many compliments at home (that I remember), it was a BIG deal.

My sixth grade teacher was a very kind elderly nun. She was always in a good mood and I remember we did a lot of art projects. (my favorite subject at the time). Her classroom always seemed very calm.

My piano teacher was a tiny elderly nun but she was so full of life! I remember her dancing around as I played a minuet. She knew stories about composers that she shared. She had such a happy disposition. (not all of my nun teachers had that!)

My high school chemistry teacher was just a young fellow when he came to our high school to teach. He had a good sense of humor yet we knew he meant business in the classroom. He made learning the periodic chart fun and we respected him. He was a tough grader so I spent a lot of time studying for that class. I got to know him as an adult when I took a teaching position back in my home district. I once had an opportunity to talk with him in his office. He had many, many framed pictures of the seniors he had taught lining the walls.

I also had a couple of college professors who helped me along the way as I studied to become a teacher and once again as I worked on my Master's Degree. I also have to mention that teachers that I work with and a very good friend of mine that is a teacher have also made a lasting impression on me!

Can you tell one of the reasons why I became a teacher? So, how about you? Do you have a favorite teacher?
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