Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I should know, I'm a teacher. However, at my school this week isn't much different from any other week. Now I'm not saying that teachers need to get gifts this week but we like to be appreciated just like anyone else. Actually, a meaningful thank you note would be something I would treasure almost more than a gift. I'm not expecting any this week but that is not why I am a teacher. However,reading blogs this week I've seen so many cute ideas. I've passed several on to my daughter to use with my grandchildren for their teachers. So I thought I'd pass them along to you too. Adding a little thank you note would make them perfect!

So simple but so cute! From My LDS Project

                                                                                Everyone loves a cupcake! Singing with Birds

Love this! I've seen other doors that weren't quite as embellished but were still so cute. Who wouldn't want to come to school in the morning and be greeted by this? The kids would love it too!

                                                                Maybe the best one...from The Crafting Chicks.

Have you got any great ideas to share with us for Teacher Appreciation Week?  Go ahead, thank a teacher. You are never too old to send a thank you note!

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1 comment:

sherry said...

Hi Carol. I left this message over at AmberLee/Giverslog's site ---

Oh no, that is sad to hear/read. My husband is a teacher so I completely understand how educators are not appreciated for the work and dedication they put in.

Carol, THANK YOU for passing on your knowledge to those kiddos in your school. Thank you for sharing your love of learning with others. Happy Teacher Appreciation week!


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