Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do You Make Time to “Treat” Yourself?

I was reading a post by Gretchin at The Happiness Project. She had asked her followers if they find time to treat themselves and if they do, what are their "treats". I found that  pretty interesting and had to take some time to ask myself that. It seems like I've been busy lately and haven't really taken the time to treat myself. So...guess what I'm going to do starting today? Yup--find the time to "treat' myself.

So what are some of my treats?  Here's a short list...

1. Read some of my favorite photography blogs and dream about taking awesome photos.
2. Giving myself a facial with mud from Gathered From the Garden.
3. Sneaking in a short nap in my hammock.
4. Eating a piece of dark chocolate.
5. Reading on the couch in my porch.
6. Sleeping in just a little now that I'm off for the summer.
7. Taking a walk through my gardens to just enjoy the flowers, not work in them.
8. Watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.
9. Eating breakfast on my porch.
10. Getting a massage. (a big treat!)

Are you taking time to treat yourself?  What's on your list of treats?
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