Monday, June 4, 2012

A Mother's Love

This is such a sad story. Jerry was driving along running some errands. He was on a busy four lane going about 50 mph. Up ahead he saw cars slowing down, driving around a mother goose and her two little goslings who had been run over. Even with all of the traffic the mother goose would not move.

Later he came back the same way and saw that someone had moved the two little dead goslings to the middle median and the mother goose stood right there by them. I could just imagine her pain at losing the two little ones. Had she tried to warn them not to go out into the traffic? Had she tried to save them? Had it been her idea to try to cross the road? I wonder how long she will grieve her little ones. To me it proves that all mothers are the same. We love our children and mourn their loss. She must just be heart-broken!
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