Monday, March 31, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

After reading an article about Alzheimers and women I thought a lot about my mind. Looking after the health of your mind is an important part of your road to balance and well-being. Maintaining mental health is extremely important! Here are some ways to make your mind beautiful to match your beautiful body. 

Improve your diet: What you eat and drink can protect against feelings of anxiety and depression. Cut back on refined sugar, white flour and alcohol. 

 Maintain friendships: Just listening and talking to friends who are feeling down can make a huge difference-for you and for them. With email and cell phones you have no excuse not to! (Excuse while I send my best friend a text.)

 Exercise: The effects of exercise on mood are immediate. Whether it is a workout in the gym or a simple walk or bike ride, exercise is uplifting and a can be a great social activity. (Since I hurt my leg and haven't been running, Jerry says I'm kind of crabby. Can't wait to be out running again! Maybe I am a little bit crabby.)

Rest: Sleep is essential to our health. Sleeping is the time when the body can renew and rebuild its physical and mental energy. If you have problems relaxing and falling asleep, perhaps our Sleep Well Blend (essential oils) can help you find your peace. 

Laugh: A good laugh does amazing things for the mind and soul. 

Cry: It's good to let everything out of your system and to release pent up feelings. Most of the time, we feel much better after we have allowed ourselves to cry. 

Take a bath: The mental health benefits of a comforting bath are well known. Allow yourself to escape in a soothing aroma infused bath. It will help you reset and re-energize.

 Make time for you: Make time for your hobbies and interests. Scheduling time for yourself is sometimes hard, but it will increase a positive attitude and self image. 

 Remember, work isn't everything!
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