Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Power of Laughter

Did you know that a four year old laughs up to 500 times a day? Grown ups laugh about 15. One of the easiest, most convenient and effective techniques to achieve emotional wellness is to laugh. 

Jerry and I have been enjoying watching the show "It's About A Boy". While I question the content being shown as early as it is (8:00 CST) it really makes us laugh. I think we probably laugh our 15 times during the show.

 Scientists say that when we laugh we:
 • Reduce feelings of depression 
• Lower our blood pressure 
• Promote relaxation 
• Reduce stress 
• Increase the oxygen level in our blood, giving us more energy
• Increase the endorphin activity in our body resulting in a sense of well-being 
• Fight boredom
 • Increase our enjoyment of life

I know that many of us are trying to improve our lives by exercise, diet, drugs,yoga and meditation to name a few.  Laughing doesn't require any extra equipment, lessons or really any time committment and yet the benefits are many.

So go ahead. Laugh out loud! (Heard any good jokes lately?)

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