Friday, May 16, 2014

Doe this Photograph Make Me Look Fat?

Does anyone really like the way they look in photographs? (Well, maybe the youngun's that are into taking selfies with their cell phones.) Most women I know aren't always happy with the way they look. Usually it's because they think they look fat (even if they really aren't). I have often cringed when looking at photographs of myself!

I was really happy to read this article "4 Big Reasons You Look Fat in Photographs" on The Haute Girl blog.  While the title drew me in, it was the great tips Alea gave on looking good in photos that kept me reading. These tips are pretty simple and looking at her examples, really seem to make a difference.

I love this quote from her post  "Make sure the reason you hate “That” photo of yourself is because it’s a bad photo, and not because you hate yourself. Remember that a bad photo isn’t a true reflection always of what you look like, that at the end of the day what is on the inside is more beautiful that a photo could ever capture!"

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