Monday, May 5, 2014

Weathering the Storm

Watching the news and seeing the destruction caused by tornadoes in the south was heart-breaking. I can't imagine going through that and losing everything. It may me really take notice of an article in AAA Living on "Weathering the Storm". Lots of good information such as:

*Looking for things that might be affected by weather such as electronics (unplug them as bad weather approaches) or an old tree that could fall on your house. Take note also of outside furniture that could be blown in the storm. (My brother-in-law had the neighbor's trampoline fly through their front picture window.) 

*  You should have an updated inventory of all your possessions and valuables. Use a camera or your phone to take photos or a video of the contents of your house. Then store these in the Cloud or off-site. If a tragedy occurs, you may be hard pressed to remember everything you've lost.

*Review your home-owners and auto policies. Do you understand everything they cover?

* You should have a flashlight, extra water, food,batteries and a battery-powered radio.

All really good tips that we are going to implement. The May/June issue of AAA Living has more info on what to do during and after a storm. Hopefully you will never need it!
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