Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day--We Remember

Our Memorial Weekend has turned out to be one of the best ever--weather wise. Everyone is so happy to finally have warm weather! Lots of families are at the lake, camping, grilling and just plain having fun. However, we really shouldn't lose sight of what this holiday really means. 

 Memorial Day is a day we set aside to honor and remember those veterans who have died in the service of our country. It started out to honor those in the Union Army who died in the American Civil War. After the first World War, it was expanded to include American casualties of any war or military action. 

 I am very, very grateful for those who have served in our military and those that are currently serving. In our country, sometimes I think we take our national security for granted. The tragedy of 9/11 was a wake-up call for us. The fact that we have not had another major terrorist attack in the U.S. proves we have incredibly brave men and women who are working to protect our precious gift of freedom here at home and around the world.

Please take the time today to remember those in your family (or friends) who died serving our country.

 post signatureAs Jerry and I were driving to my sister's cabin we passed a golf course along the highway that had American flags planted all along the course. Quite a touching sight!
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