Friday, July 18, 2014

A Heck of a Ride!

 Cody checking the plane before take-off.

This past weekend Jerry and I were in Colorado visitng my daughter and son-in-law. He flew us down in his plane to Swink, which is the town he grew up in. We had a very nice lunch with Cody's mom and stepdad. Then his brother Rob took us for quite a ride--in a Haglund

                                                        The Haglund before we took it into the river.

I had never seen one before, much less ridden in one. Swink had gotten 3 inches of rain in an hour the night before so the river was overflowing it's banks. I rode in the front car along with rob,Jerry and my daughter. 

This part of the ride seemed safe enough...

After our crazy ride, Rob took his children and his girlfriend's children for a ride. (They were much braver than I was!) We had people driving by on the bridge come down to the river bank to watch. Lots of phones were taking pics! 

 I was wondering if I should have been saying my prayers right about now.

Rob seemed to plunge that thing right into the water and then up the bank we came. I was told that it wouldn't tip and that it could float. I was really glad I didn't have to find that out for real!

 Some of the kids rode in front while I watched from shore.

It was a fun ride in a sort of scary way but I don't think I would need to do it again! (Unlike the kids who clamoured for another ride!)

Thanks, Rob for taking us on this adventure!
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