Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happiness is Contagious

I had the privilege of watching my 4 grandchildren today. We had so much fun! It's great to experience all the little joys through their eyes. Listening to my grandson giggle puts me in an awesome mood. I wish I could bottle that up and pull it out when I need a little lift. 

 Research from the Harvard Medical School has determined that happiness is indeed contagious. Your good mood can spread to your friends and then to their friends, etc. etc. Think about the times when a stranger has smiled at you and you've smiled back. 

 What are you happiest about right now?
 Here's my top 5: (no particular order) 

1. Summer is here and I can sleep with the windows open.

 2. We can eat on our patio and porch. 

3. I have time to take care of my grandchildren every Wednesday morning during the summer.

4. My son and daughter are coming home (from out of state) to visit. 

5. Fresh fruit and veggies in season. Can't wait for fresh strawberry pie! 

6. Lilies blooming in my gardens.

Do you have a "happiness" list to share with us? How are you spreading happiness? Who has spread it to you?

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