Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Skin Tips - How To Look After Skin In The Winter

Changing temperatures mean a change of routine. (Ours have gone from somewhat "nice" in December to downright awful now!) Knowing a little about how skin functions in the winter can make all the difference between a dull winter complexion and glowing radiance. 

* Start the day with a warm, not hot shower... but before you get out switch to cold water for about fifteen seconds “Why would I want to do that?!” Sounds kind of crazy doesn't it?  This is a simple hydrotherapy technique which revitalizes the skin by stimulating the flow of blood through the body. It is both invigorating and highly beneficial to the skin. So even though you may not really enjoy the process, just think of the all the good it’s doing you! 

* Use a good moisturizer. Don't forget about your lips. Chapped lips are often the most noticeable problem for a lady in the winter. 

*Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This will remove dead cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture. The oil which we all complain about in the summer is no longer being produced because of cooler winter temperatures and central heating. Therefore the skin looses the water which should be retained in the lower dermis of the skin. This can lead to premature aging of the skin and fine lines.

*Drink a glass of very warm/hot water with lemon. This Chinese herbal remedy is a sure-fire method of energizing your body. It will de-tox your entire system, including the liver and gall bladder. This means that your body will be able to clean the blood faster to get rid of toxins responsible for bad skin. 

*Get your sleep! Money can’t buy the benefits of a good night’s rest. Your oxygen levels will drop if you don’t get enough sleep, meaning that your cells will not be renewed as quickly. Try to get seven, if not eight or nine hours of rest a night to achieve absolutely painless benefits. It’s ideal! 

*Riboflavin, known commonly as Vitamin B2, is also a healer. Foods rich in riboflavin are milk, cheese, natural plain yogurt, wild rice and whole grains. Cantaloupes, carrots and apricots are effective healers for dry skin because they are rich in Vitamin A, essential for healthy skin, and Vitamin C, which helps in collagen production. Dry skin can actually be a sign of deficiency in these vitamins. 

*Have you put together your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? Don’t forget to add “pampering myself” to your list. You deserve it! post signature
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