Monday, February 6, 2017

Making Sense of Scents


Perfumes and fragrances are one of the most difficult accessories to define and to pin down because it is such a personal choice. I thought it would be interesting to write a post dealing with selecting and choosing perfumes and fragrances. 

Q. Is it true that fragrances change scent on different people? 

A.Yes. Each of us has our own unique body chemistry based on our genes, skin type, hair color, and even the type of lifestyle we lead and the environment in which we live in. So it is important not to purchase a fragrance because you smelled it in a magazine ad or on someone else. Try it on your own skin to see how it reacts with your own body chemistry.

QAs one gets older does the sense of smell diminish?
 A.Yes. As we age our sense of smell slowly begins to diminish. As a result some older individuals apply more fragrance than needed. (not only older adults!)

Q. How long will a fragrance last on me?
       A. Fragrances are designed to last about 4 hours or so. Some people may notice that a particular fragrance lasts all day but by then it will not smell as it's supposed to. You must reapply once or twice a day.

Q.  Do I apply fragrance all over the body?
      A.  Yes. If a fragrance is only applied to the neck or behind the ears the fragrance will rise and disappear. It is important to apply a fragrance all over the body to ensure the scent lasts.

QHow does skin type play a role?
      A. Oily skin holds scents much more than dry skin. So those with dry skin need to reapply more often.

 Q.  Is it important to change fragrances according to the different seasons of the year?
      A. Yes, since heat increases the intensity of a fragrance. There are certain fragrances that are more appropriate for summer and other stronger scents that would be better for winter use. A good guideline to follow is to wear lighter scents in the summer and stronger in the winter. Citrus scents are perfect for summer while orientals are better for winter.

I wear White Linen in the summer and Aqua di Gio (for women) in the winter. What is your favorite fragrance?
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