Thursday, February 23, 2017

Six Tips For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is thin or fine-textured skin. It reacts quickly to both heat and cold; so it can sunburn easily. It is commonly dry, delicate and prone to allergic reactions. Temperature changes, some detergents, cosmetics and alcohol (used on the skin) can all cause irritation, leaving the skin red and blotchy. Sometimes sensitive skin is associated with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, etc. People with sensitive skin need to take special care of their skin. Here are some tips…

*When choosing make-up, especially foundation and blusher, buy oil-free products. Make-up that is water based and non-cosmedogenic (non-pore clogging) is the best option. There are also oil-absorbing foundations that keep oil off the face. It’s a good idea to look for fragrance-free products also.

*In taking care of sensitive skin keep it clean. Most skin like this will react badly to dirt and dust. This skin type is often susceptible to acne problems and breakouts.  Use a mild, soap-free cleanser  but don’t over wash your face (i.e. more than twice a day.) Do not use exfoliants. Use an astringent on oily areas only, but discontinue use if redness occurs.

*Get a good night’s sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Having the right amount of sleep can actually help the skin regenerate. This is also the time when the skin can breathe in from going all day with make-up.

*It is important that you follow a cleansing routine every day. Remember to always remove your make-up before going to sleep. Turning in for the night with make-up on will only result in clogged pores and eventually, acne. 

*Remember that sensitive skin tends to pick up dirt and grime easily and react to it. Prevent irritation by minimizing contact with your skin. This is especially true with your face as this is the most sensitive skin area on the body. Pinching existing
zits will also lead to irritation. Minimize scratching or even touching your face.

*Sensitivity can also increase with age. It has been reported for example that the skin gets more sensitive in women at the beginning of menopause.

All skin types have special needs. I hope these tips help if you have sensitive skin.

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