Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need to Lighten Your Load?

I was reading Joanna Schmidt's blog ( She had a generic letter from her doctor listing good foods for losing weight...After trying on swimsuits at Kohl's last week it would appear that I need to eat more of these!

A generic letter from her doctor:
There are seven simple foods for you to keep in mind that
can help you with controlling your weight:

(1) salmon,
(2) walnuts,
(3) hot sauce with capsaicin,
(4) water with lemon,
(5) ground flaxseed,
(6) cinnamon,
and(7) granola bars with high fiber and low sugar.

All of these are good items to consider when you want a
snack or when you want to help control that feeling of
hunger so that you can maintain control over your weight.
To Your Good Health,
Dr. Paul Winner

I thought this was a nice touch by her MD. With all of their medical knowledge it's nice to see that they can share it without charging an office call. Have any of you gotten anything like this from your doctor?
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