Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hiding Behind Your Sunglasses

Under eye circles can form for a number of reasons— long hours at work, bad sleeping habits, a poor diet, stress or genetics. And while those chic sunglasses might do a great job of hiding your under eye area, they can’t stay on all day. I’ve had this problem most of my adult life so I decided it’s time to take care of it.

Finding the right concealer—not the right sunglasses— is key in conquering those under eye circles. Concealer should be yellow toned and one shade lighter than your foundation. Avoid too white or pink concealers that will only appear that color when applied. Concealers are effective at hiding dark under-eye circles because they're opaque (they don't let light through). Normal make-up isn't a match for truly dark under-eye circles.

Before you apply your concealer (or any other part of your beautifying process for that matter), you want to make sure you cleanse and moisturize your face right before with a nice, light weight eye cream. This keeps skin dewy and moist, which will help make-up from settling into fine lines.

Only put the concealer where you need it. For example, only dab the concealer where you have darkness. Use your finger or a make-up brush to apply in thin layers starting at the inner corner of your eye. Cover up all of the dark area and finish at the outer edge of your lower lash line. Check the color in the mirror. If it doesn’t look right yet, add another thin layer until the darkness is concealed.
Lightly dust a pale yellow powder (good for most of our complexions) over the concealer.

* If you are feeling a little extra tired, dab a bit of concealer on the inside of the bridge of your nose or apply eye shadow to inner corners of the eyes. Soft pinks, golds and silvers work best.

*I haven’t tried these but here are some recommendations for eye enhancers:

Benefit Powderflage Set, $32. (brush included),
Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer 3-piece System $35.
Bare Essentials, Well-rested for Eyes, $18.

Do you have a concealer that works well for you?

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Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the eye care tips. This is something every woman should know =)


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