Friday, July 31, 2009

What Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

I take my grandkids to Storytime at the library every Tues. morning. This past Tues. little Braeden fell on the sidewalk and skinned his knees. You can imagine how this grandma felt faced with a little blood and lots of tears. Luckily, I had some lavender essential oil (I always have this with me) and some band-aids. Braeden was soon patched up and he had fun at storytime.

This made me think of the baby shower I went to where one of the games was to weigh our purses. Mine was very heavy! So what do I have that I could take out and what do I have that needs to stay in?

I think every woman should have band-aids, lavender essential oil ( I now have a little spray bottle with lavender and witch hazel),kleenex, wallet,mirror,nail clippers,pen...along with a cell phone and keys. Now you know why my purse was so heavy! I also think men should carry their own purse so that I wouldn't have to carry all of this stuff for them to use. (My husband is always asking for these things.)

What do you think every woman really needs to have in their purse? What do you have in yours that you couldn't leave home without?
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