Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pamper Your Spirit

After getting back from an awesome Alaskan cruise I realized just how much we need to pamper our spirits as well as our bodies. (Although Jerry won a spa treatment worth $195 the first day of our cruise. It was a sea-algae wrap and massage. Talk about being pampered!!!)

Being on a cruise you obviously pamper your body--especially with the incredible food--but on this cruise my spirit was so pampered also.

When you see views like this (Mendenhall Glacier):

Your spirit is just filled with joy and awe. You know there has to be a higher presence and you can't help but send thanks for the opportunity to see this spectacular scenery.

I have a list of life goals that I hope to accomplish. (Jerry has one he calls his "bucket list".) One of the things on my life goals list is to see whales up close. On this trip I was able to do just that. We took a whale watching trip. We saw humpbacks and orcas breach. It was so breath-taking that it actually brought me to tears. We got to see humpbacks "bubble-feeding". Our naturalist told us that most people in the world will never see this! I wondered if my spirit could be filled with any more joy...

Our last stop was Skagway where we took a train ride up into the mountains. This was a little more low-key after seeing the whales and the Margarie Glacier "calve" but still quite impressive. The scenery was beautiful and you had to marvel at the work someone did to be able to put a railroad track up that mountain. (The flowers you see here are called "Fireweed". They were blooming everywhere.)

I have come back refreshed in mind, body and spirit. It was truly a vacation to remember. I hope you all take time to pamper your spirit even if it isn't a life-changing experience for you. Do you have an experience you'd like to share with us? How have you pampered your spirit this summer?
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